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Finance and Accounting is not an evil necessity, but your most useful management tool.

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Courses & Programmes

Understanding Business Finance or Finance for Non Financial Managers

A typical programme over 2 days

The objectives of the programme is that delegates should leave with

  1. a clearer understanding of the financial expectations of the owners and senior management
  2. a clearer understanding of what financial statements and ratios mean and why the information is deemed important
  3. a clearer understanding of the difference between Profit and Cash and how critical it is to control the latter
  4. a clearer understanding of what financial control tools are available to enable managers to maximise the profit of the business and minimise the money invested in it

DAY 1 - The Financial Measures:

  1. The Financial Model - How money moves around the business. The key sources and uses of money. The Key Accounting principles.
  2. The Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet; What can we learn from them?
  3. Ratio analysis or Key Performance Indicators.
  4. Cash Flow Forecasts - their construction and uses.

DAY 2 - The Financial Tools:

  1. Control of Working Capital
  2. Appraisal techniques for buying Fixed Assets
  3. Costing and Pricing – a review of the different methods available.
    In these sessions we will look at Full Costing or the pricing approach of " Cost Plus"
    This would be followed by a review of Marginal Costing. In this section, we will look at Breakeven Analysis, the relationship
    between gross margin/contribution and required sales volume, and how discounts given/obtained have an impact on Required Sales Volumes.
  4. Understanding the basics of the theory and practice of budgeting

Other programmes Include